BeneDana Artisan Organic Bandanas

BeneDana Artisan Organic Bandanas

I've launched a new venture in my effort to support myself and The Whale Guitar Project, which, long story short, woke me into leaving the environmentally unsustainable world of plastic toy design. It's been a challenge to replace my once lucrative toy design income that helped me build a life for my family. To make ends meet, I've experimented with graphic design, part-time clerical jobs, and waiting tables (you may have seen me at the new Wes' Rib House). It's all par for the entrepreneur's course, and I'm happy I can finally say that my driving belief in creative journeying has led to a solid offering that is also stylish, useful, and durable! It also serves others and is an example of the change I hope to see in the world.

The idea is so simple it's almost bananas - but its bandanas! Artisan Organic Bandanas. It's kind of funny - bandanas have intrigued me since childhood. I still remember my first one: it was part of a kiddie "hobo" lunch special ordered for me by my Grandmother at a fancy Downtown Cleveland department store. It was tied into a bundle on the end of a stick, and as I opened it, I remember marveling at the paisleys on its red cloth - and then devoured the hamburger inside! Childhood memories are a vivid wellspring of ideas for me, and producing these bandanas artfully and organically is a challenge that deeply engages me as an adult. So I've spent a good year and a half searching sources for for eco-printing and organic stock, and and I'm delighted to be able to offer you the results! Proceeds of which help support non-profits like the Healthy Ocean Coalition and the Rhode Island Folk Festival.

BeneDana Artisan Organic Bandanas are beautiful, versatile and super soft, (no hard feel plasticky feel like you get from screen printing ink). Whether I create the art or commission artists like Emma Lopes (who designed our whale-themed Ocean Devotion bandana) the results are stunning, sustainably! I'm proud to serve our artisans with both a fair project fee and residual income. I've also summoned all my design know how to create packaging without glue, staples, or plastic tabs. And the package is printed on recycled paper, too!

After all, who doesn't need a bandana? They're a fantastic accessory! Tie your hair back with them, accessorize a shirt or blouse, or wrap one around your wrist like a bracelet. Keep some extras in their packages - on hand to be gifts for your favorite person's birthday! They'll love your thoughtfulness!

BULK ORDERS Are you a member of an ocean or watershed advocacy? Our Ocean Devotions bandanas can really tie your group together (like the rug in the B ig Lebowski), and even help raise funds without the sizing and storage hassles of t-shirts and sweatshirts! Write for bulk order discounts! We can even customize with your organization's colors and logo!

GIFT & APPAREL RETAILERS With their nautical whale theme, our Ocean Devotion Bandanas are perfect for the ocean tourism season! Reach out to for wholesale pricing!

NEED A CUSTOM BANDANA DESIGN? We are happy to work with you to bring your vision to life at bulk pricing! Here are some examples:

BIG NEWS!! Musician Dan Blakeslee will be designing the Official 2024 Limited Edition Fundraising Bandana for RI Folk Fest! PRE-ORDER HERE! Hurry before they all get claimed!

SAVE RIGHT WHALES! Renowned RI poster artist Pete MacPhee is working away on a custom design for the protection of the highly endangered North Atlantic Right Whales! Stay tuned for updates, and PRE-ORDER HERE!

For more information, custom designs or anything related to bandanas, reach out to me at

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