About Us

About Us

Hi there! I’m Jen Long, the founder of BeneDana Bandanas, and I’m so glad to meet you!

Have we met before? You might know me from The Whale Guitar Project – maybe I came to your school with a guitar shaped like a white whale and talked about Moby-Dick and climate change. Or maybe you saw me play guitar in the band SwampBirds. Or maybe you reached out to me for freelance help with a logo or a hand-painted sign? Or maybe we’ve never met at all, but I influenced the world you or your child played in with a toy I designed for Fisher-Price (Kick & Play Piano), The First Years, John Deere (Corn Cob Teether – LOL!), Chicco and Hasbro (3rd Generation My Little Pony collection including Pinkie Pie).

Whether or not we’ve ever met, here’s what you can count on about me: I’m a restless creative and collaborative innovator always searching for better ways we can bring good into the world – together.

BeneDana Bandanas is the culmination of a many years’ search to launch a generosity-based business that practices sustainability artistically, socially and environmentally. How? It’s not just that we produce beautiful, stylish and environmentally conscientious bandanas with inspiring messages – it’s how we go about doing it! We’re creating a connective opportunity for visual artists to collaborate with musicians or with environmental or cultural projects to create bandanas that sustain and elevate them all – together!

It’s all about goodness and generosity, which is what BeneDana means! Bene (Latin for good) + Dana (Sanskrit for giving, or spirit of generosity).

In that spirit of generosity, I have an ask for you! As you consider gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, please consider a gift that has goodness and generosity woven into every thread! A gift perfectly sized to stuff a stocking: a BeneDana Bandana!

Check out our initial BeneDana Bandana offerings, and stay tuned – I’ll be excitedly sharing new bandana collaborations as they develop!