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BeneDana Bandanas

NEW! Spooky Bandana featuring the music of Allysen Callery

NEW! Spooky Bandana featuring the music of Allysen Callery

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For your altar,
for your person,
for your familiar...
Infused with good vibes
for magical times,
all organic &
made with love.

Give the gift of music and art, with just a touch of witchy goodness! Your friends will be delighted to receive this bandana and wrap their heads in its gorgeous art AND the mesmerizing music of Allysen Callery! Because while printed on same 100% organic super-soft cotton of our earlier designs, this bandana also features a QR code printed right on it to transport its wearer to the Ghost Folk world of Allysen Callery! In addition they'll receive a FREE download code to an Allysen Callery album of their choice from her Bandcamp page!

What a unique way to share music - no plastic cases or discs, no CD players or turntables needed, just scan your bandana with a smartphone and kick back! All while enjoying, wearing or framing the spellbinding art by Jen Long featuring Allysen's favorite spooky and magical things: moons, stars, friendly ghosts and mushrooms!! 
Proceeds support Allysen's music and the art of Jen Long!

In alignment with our values, our packaging is a simple slip of recycled craft paper - no glue or plastic ties! It simply folds into the bandana to become a gift perfectly sized to be a stocking stuffer!

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