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BeneDana Bandanas

Original Ocean Devotion BeneDana ~ Stellwagen Blue

Original Ocean Devotion BeneDana ~ Stellwagen Blue

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Our Ocean Devotion bandana is designed to inspire!
Its Ocean Devotion theme explores the delicate harmony between the ocean’s mighty giants, the blue whales, and the tiniest forms of the life in the sea, the phytoplankton.  These microscopic plants feed the krill that feed blue whales, and supply oxygen for all sea life - even some oxygen you are breathing as you read this! 
Now that’s inspiring!    

Wrap your head in all that wonder and let this wearable work of art showcase your ocean devotion! And your values! Our bandana's super-softness feels amazing to the touch, and you'll feel amazing knowing it's conscientiously made with 100% organic cotton and ocean-friendly digital printing. This means no chemicals are tilled into the soil or spilled into the watershed to grow the cotton. Also, by printing digitally, the nontoxic water-based inks get infused deep into the cotton fibers. This keeps our colors intense and our fabric soft - so you can say goodbye to hard, rough, plastic-feeling graphics that chip off over time! Plus there are no screens to clean, so no cleaning solvents get spilled into the environment. All this protects workers, wearers, and marine life!

On top of that, it benefits the Healthy Ocean Coalition!  Proceeds help them train ocean advocates - and lobby congress  for ocean health and climate justice.  
Proceeds also support The Whale Guitar Project in creating environmentally-themed performances and programs for schools and libraries! Plus, a portion of each sale is also forwarded to artist Emma Lopes, in alignment with our belief in the incredible value of the arts and artists, who we pay both a commission fee and an ongoing royalty!

So wear your bandana and give some to your ocean-loving friends and family!  We'd be overjoyed to see photos of your group to wearing them to a beach or watershed clean-up! Kindly hashtag your photos #bandtogetherfortheocean #benedana #thewhaleguitar so we'll be sure to see them!

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